Live Ubuntu 8.10 In UFD (USB Flash Disk)

Thursday, April 2, 2009 ·

I can not imagine if an operation system can saved in flash disk. It really happen nowdays, A UFD (USB Flash Disk) with 1 GB minimum of capacity can do itself.

This article i want to show you how to set up Ubuntu 8.10 interpid ibex live in Flash Disk. In here I'm using Iso file Ubuntu 8.10 interpid ibex.

  • Iso file Ubuntu 8.10 Or LiveCD Ubuntu 8.10

  • 1 GB minimum Capacity of flash disk.

Step by step:
  • Connect UFD (USB Flash Disk) to computer

  • Select Menu : System>Administration>Create a USB startup disk.

  • Next, I will explain to you about the picture below:

    1. That is a free space of flash disk for Ubuntu that you are using.

    2. If you will use your flash disk to save another data, Select stored in reserved extra space or you can select the second choice to ignore.

    3. Last, Click on Make startup disk to continue

  • It will take several minutes to complete the copying files. After that close the window and it is ready to use.

  • Yupp....your ubuntu 8.10 operation system has saved in flash disk. Now, you can restart your computer and press F2 or delete than go to menu Bios and setting USB as first booting.


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