The Easy Way To Auto-Mount NTFS Partition In Ubuntu 8.10

Monday, April 27, 2009 ·

When you use dual booting of operation system such as windows and Linux (Ubuntu) your NTFS partition does not auto-mount by default. You have to mount NTFS partition through Nautilus or terminal before access it. Sure that It is not effective and you will get bored. Me my self always face that problem, I'm searching for the tips on Internet and finally found it.

In here I want to share to all of you the easy way to auto-mount NTFS partition. You just need PySDM as a software to make auto-mount NTFS partition. That software you can get in Repository of Ubuntu 8.10.


  1. Open Application ---> Accessories --->Terminal

  2. $ Sudo su
    # apt-get install pysdm

  3. After the installation go to System -->Administration -->Storage Device Manager or see on the picture below:

    Next, enter your right password

  4. You will see your partition list on the left panel of window

  5. The partitions are labelled in the sda, sdb2, sdd, etc format based on your partitions that you have. To identify the file system click the partition list, it is on the left panel of window. In this example my NTFS partition is on the sdb. Click on that and you can find the type of your file system of that partitions on the right of window.

  6. Then, if you have found the NTFS partitions click on Assistant

    Check the box The File System Is Mounted at Boot Time
    Uncheck the box Mount File System In Read Only Mode

  7. The last is make sure that all of the NTFS partition have done, click on Apply and then restart your computer.

Ok...for all who love Ubuntu should try it....i'm not guaranty it will works on your computer but what's matter if you try something new......

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